It’s true…

I (Ann) have been telling people that I’d like to start a blog.  However, I had put up many personal roadblocks to this and kind of hoped they’d be too big to hurdle.

Just to name a few:

1. I am not a very confident writer. I can be wordy at times. I find it hard to translate my thoughts into words not to mention then doing it again into written form!

2a. I wouldn’t do it without a REALLY good reason.  Our lives are rather routine and quite boring most days- who has time to waste reading about normal, routine lives?! Especially by someone who has a hard time making the normal and mundane activities of life sound witty and fun like so many of the blogs I have read.

2b. Very few people would probably read it due to #1 and #2a.

3. I would need a title for a blog…I have been more hung up on this fact than any other.

Finally, tonight we hit 2 out of 3 (a great hitting average for baseball and shooting percentage for basketball…not so great if you’re a hockey goalie and get scored on 2 out of 3 shots…). Anyway… You will probably get many sports analogies, too.  Some of my friends know that I have a lot of sports knowledge rolling around in my brain that I often do NOT feel compelled to share because it’s a little weird that a 40-some year old woman knows these things.  Some of my friends (Scott, Bob, Kent, Keith, Tim- notice the male names) just roll with it and we have lots of intelligent- ha- conversations.  Maybe I will share some sports trivia on here, too… you can only hope.

Back to the point…we finally have a title after a month of waiting.  A shout out to our superstar 13 year old, Cali Rae, who threw it out there this evening (and she wants to be sure she gets the credit…so duly noted, Cal! and thanks).

Yes, the rumors and rumblings are true…the Pearcys are going from 4 to 5!

We are in the process of adopting a sweet little boy from Haiti! His name is Davinsly (we affectionately call him Vinny around the house).  We are cautiously optimistic at this point that all will go well in this process.  We have had and continue to have many confirmations.  We are trusting the Lord day by day for his will for Davinsly and our family.  More to come on the background of this story.  It’s too late for me to start tonight…it’s almost 11p which as many of you know is WAAAYYY past my bedtime.

Thanks for being excited with us and we ask for your prayers… for this process to go as quickly and smoothly as it can; for cooperation from our adoption agencies (A New Arrival in Montana and International Adoption Services in Edina), the U.S. and especially the Haitian government;  for provision for us emotionally, spiritually and financially throughout the entire process.  We want to trust God in the whole journey, not just for the end result.

Many of you know that we have partners in this journey!  If you are following the Haroldson blog… we are a couple weeks behind them in the process and have gone through many of the same steps and emotions that they are experiencing so far! It’s so cool to be going down this path together… for us and for ‘the boys’… Davinsly and his buddy, Stanley! God’s timing is perfect. always. Here is their blog website:

Stanley goofing around while Davinsly is taking a midday nap!


  1. This looks like a good start! Ann & Cali good job so far. I think this will be great & so appreciated too, as we share in your journey in the adoption of Vinny. We look forward to see how God will work this all out for your family. Of course we look forward to another little grandson. God bless you all in this effort. We love you all & know we will love Davinsly too. Mom

  2. Love that you overcame your “fear” of blogging and are doing this, my friend. What a gift to all of us to follow along in your journey, and what fun this will be for Davinsly to look back on some day. Prayers for all of you. We love you!

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