Bear (or is it Bare?) with me as I play around with different looks to this blog…I don’t know what I’m doing and can’t settle on a theme.  If anyone’s ever taken a personality test where the boxes they put you in are called things like “Sequential”, “Random”, “Concrete” or “Abstract”, etc…  I am a “Concrete-Random”.  I get things done, am organized, am a Type-A in many respects, etc… but can go about it and process things in VERY random ways.

Did have an email early this morning from the Social Worker doing our homestudy…it is ready to be proof read by me then that draft will be sent on to our agency in Montana for one more proofing.  When it is good to go, it will be sent by our Edina agency to the US dept for Citizenship and Immigration Services.  When they receive it we will be contacted to let us know when and where we need to go for FBI fingerprinting. Once that returns giving us the “all clear”, we will receive a “Favorable Determination” form from the USCIS which we pass on to the MT agency and then proceed from there with more steps to follow…WHEW!  Baby stepping our way through this corn maze of hoops to jump through.
When we were about 2 days into compiling info Scott said, “this sure would weed out the riff raff (or is it rift raff?) early in the process.”

Get ready for more RANDOMS from me.  Like, now that I’m re-reading this post, RANDOM doesn’t even look like a real word to me…

Cali is going to come home from school and say, “Mom! What are you DOING?! You can’t keep changing the blog…! You’re going to drive people crazy!”  I will tell her that you all now know that I am a “concrete-random” type and it’s ok b/c you will understand me.  We will find one soon that we both like.  The 2 themes I would’ve picked are already spoken for by a couple friends b/c great minds think alike.  Also, Cali would like to be a guest author sometimes…so, that will be fun and possibly random, too.


  1. Looking good so far! It’s exciting to see how far the adoption process has gone already. It is fun to read the posts and watch you journey through this. It will be neat to see what Cali has to say too. love you all & praying for you and Vinny.

  2. Thanks for writing! Personally, I have always felt that you are a great writer. And also…welcome to the five club. Praying for sweet “Vinny”. I saw Joseph today at school a couple times and it was fun to go back and read about him in your blog.

  3. Love, love, love, love, love!! 5 loves for 5 Pearcys! I’m so glad you will be “going zone”. Man to man is way too easy. :). Love, Alli

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