Kiddos Thoughts :)

Hi everyone!  This is Cali!  People have been asking what me and Will thought about Davinsly and adoption, so I wanted to blog about it!

When my mom first told me, I had just come home from the missions trip a few days ago, and we were in the car watching Will’s soccer clinic.  When she told me, I got the chills!  At that time we were still praying about it, but she asked me what I thought about adoption.  I said I think it would be so cool to have another brother!  But, also it would be so different and take a long time to get used to!  The more I think about it, the more excited I get!
That night me and my dad were in the kitchen, and he was asking me what I thought about adoption(which at the time he didn’t know his name:) and Davinsly. Will comes up the stairs and goes “wait we are actually adopting him?!” and I go “Well we are praying about it, didn’t mom tell you?” he goes “Well ya, but I didn’t realize she was serious!” That was a good night! 🙂 So, to sum up his reaction… He freaked out!

When we got the email that we could go ahead and start the process, we were at Trout Lake Camp!  It was the morning, we were about to take the hike up to breakfast 😉 Mom was in me and Will’s room and she says “guess what?”  We go “What?!”  she responds with a smile ” We got the email that we could adopt D-Vin!” ( we have many nick names for him!  some are Vinny, Vin-Vin, D-Vin, and so on).  Will almost starts screaming!  I am shocked and happy!  We look at each other and laughed!  I ran into Miss Jennifer’s room and said “did you hear?!” she goes ” Yes! Isn’t it exciting?!” ummm yess!  I am so glad we were at Trout when we found out!  It was the perfect place to be!  If you haven’t been there… GO!  It’s an amazing family experience! Anyways, we are sooooooo excited! Will can’t wait to have a little brother to play with, and I can’t wait to have another brother!  I also am excited for Jo-Jo to meet him!  (Jo-Jo is my adopted cousin).

We are so excited to get to know him, and for him to get here!  I can’t wait to get to know his personality, can’t wait to introduce him to everyone, and to mostly play sports with him! As most of you know we are a sports family.  I am a hockey player, I also play soccer and I run track!  I also love playing football with the family!  I hope he enjoys sports as much as we do and he will just jump right in!  Thanks everyone for your prayers and support!  We love you all!

– Cali (:


  1. I can feel the excitement through your writing, Cali! Congratulations! You will always remember that moment at Trout Camp. We made the decision to adopt Amanda while sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Cancun. 🙂

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