Special Delivery


Doreen and I spent some time shopping for the boys this weekend (just 9pm Thursday until 4:00am Friday)… we found lots of goodies to put into their gift bags that are packed in a suitcase and will be heading to Haiti tomorrow with our pastors, Brian and Darrin (thank you, guys, for being our elves this week!).  Here’s some of what’s in store for them: t-shirts, candy, spiderman tattoos, whoopie cushions (can’t wait to hear how Brian and Darrin’s demonstration goes), paddle balls, markers, super bouncy balls, fruit snacks, puzzles, and some movies to go with the new DVD player…Madagascar 3, Ice Age, NFL Football Follies, and 2 others I already forgot.

Breelynn Lein also bought some goodies to send down: matchbox cars, jump ropes and packs of gum 🙂

I found a couple of Will’s baseball t-shirts from a few years ago to put in the stash!  Along with some other sports t-shirts for all the guys.It’s so exciting to know that Brian and Darrin will be meeting these sweet kids on Thursday!  It’s kind of surreal, too.  The Haroldson’s and we are so thankful that they are taking some time out of their schedule there to visit them.  We pray that these gifts they get- especially the photo books from us to D-Vin and Stanley- will go a long way in the bonding process our families will go through!

Last bit of news to share: we got our approval letter from the USCIS.  This means that we may continue with the international adoption process. So…we keep on walking by faith and waiting with hope… This Thanksgiving we are especially thankful for the many ways we are being supported by all of you!


  1. I hope tears do not hurt keyboards!! Thank you for sharing your shopping event………these 2 boys are getting the best moms and family and they have no idea….yet!!! I knew the photo book would be great but it surpassed my imagination. Ann, you are so clever and I could feel your love through each page. I bet you and Doreen wish you could wiggle your noses and jump in the bags so as to be there when the boys receive these marvelous things. WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! God is soo good!!

  2. Praying for all of you this morning! What an exciting day! Can’t wait to hear how it goes for Brian, Darrin and the boys! Love you guys so much!

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