A lot to take in…

PicMonkey Collage2On Thursday morning, a day we’ve been anticipating for a couple months, the boys were treated to a special visit during their school day…our pastors, Brian and Darrin, along with others they were traveling with, made a special stop to meet Davensly and Stanley!  They brought gifts for all 5 of the boys who live at the orphanage.  This meant so much to us.  Brian kept an awesome blog on their trip and took a couple hundred pictures.  You can read more about their visit to the orphange and see more pictures here.

To give you a little glimpse into how much this meant to us and how we are processing it:  Will had been looking through all of Brian’s pictures and reading his blog with Scott on Thursday night- I was in the basement on the phone with Doreen… after a little while I heard some sniffles coming from under a blanket on the chair next to me…so, I got off the phone and told the Will-sized blankie to come sit with me.  He crawled on my lap and just started sobbing!  Here’s some of what he said…”it’s just overwhelming!  the devastation in some of the pictures…the boys all opening their presents… I can’t believe he’s going to be coming here…I am really excited, too… I just don’t know what to think about all of it…”  then, we just shared a moment in silence and tears.  I told him that I get it.  It’s a lot to take in.  I was at a loss for words much of the day. Adoption is a paradox. Haiti is a paradox.  There’s a lot of beauty and brokeness…to both.  We believe God to be The Healer.  We believe He’s going to come through for Haiti, for Davensly, for our family…

Back to the gifts- seems like the little Avengers guys were the biggest hit!  Davensly said, “Captain America!” right when he saw the one in his bag…and Stanley seemed to love his Incredible Hulk.  Thanks a mil, Brian and Darrin!  It will be cool when they come home and get to see you both again at WCC!

PicMonkey Collage3


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  1. Oh our precious Will!!! What a tender heart with so much love to give. My excitement grows when I get to read new blogs and see new photos. Who is the lady, blue cap, standing behind Stanley? Maybe a Pastors wife? She looks so happy. Do I understand correctly that there are 5 boys and our 2 are coming to Mn……..where are the other 3 going? Will it be close so they can stay in touch? Lots of prayer, loves and hugs to you all…………….from me.

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