Baby Steps

I sit here writing from the Alps Chalet while Will is on the slopes…Internet service is very spotty…probs a bit like in Haiti.  I try to get some stuff done, like this post, then the Internet times out, a text or email doesn’t go through, etc. #firstworldproblems.  AND THEN…my phone beeps with sounds of an email… I see it’s from our caseworker and my heart does a few extra beats because I never know what to expect…

Baby step back a few days: Monday we found out that Rock (orphanage director) has taken Davensly for his medical and psychological evaluations – both are needed for submitting dossier to IBESR- and that he was waiting for a letter of relinquishment from the Maire (Mayor? Maybe?) of Petionville (like a suburb of Port au Prince) and Davensly’s birth certificate…also necessary for the dossier.  That same email told us that those can take quite awhile to get so don’t hold our breath.

Today’s email to us and Haroldsons says, “…Rock called today to tell me he is at the Mayor’s office picking up birth certificates and relinquishments. So, another step closer…”  BABY STEPS, BABY!  Anyone else love the movie, “What About Bob?”  Just mentioning the words baby steps brings quotes to my mind like, “Is this corn hand-shucked?!” and “baby steps to four o’clock”, “baby steps get on the bus, baby steps down the aisle”, “I’M SAILING! I SAIL!”, “You think he’s gone? He’s not gone. He’s never gone.”  Classic flick.

I never thought we’d hear 2 positive steps getting completed in the very same week- cause it hasn’t happened up until now.  Scott sometimes says I am a pessimist… I strongly disagree… I am a REALIST.  I optimistically believe there is a huge difference :).  Even the case worker on Monday said it could take quite awhile to get the relinquishment and birth cert.  That wasn’t negativity, that was realism.  Because that’s generally how things work in Haiti.  But, we believe in a God who works out His timing perfectly. every time. So, thanks, Lord, for completing these steps this week.

To reiterate something Doreen said in her blog this week:  we’ll feel the greatest relief when we get submitted and accepted by the IBESR.  Until then, every baby step is a HUGE step in the right direction.  Please join us in praying for acceptance (even though we are not on “The List”) and that it happens in a timely manner…sooner than later…days or weeks… not months.  Thanks for anyone who prayed for a breakthrough- I feel like we got one this week!  Let’s go for another!


  1. “What About Bob?” is one of my all time favorites. I laugh so hard every time I see it. So glad that you used it as an analogy.
    I will be praying specifically for another breakthrough. Love your blog………My love to all of you.

  2. Forgot to tell you…Jeff mentioned the title of this post out loud last night and before we started reading it, Rachel starting talking about “What About Bob” and baby steps. Made us laugh as we got further into the post and you were quoting one-liners from the movie. XOXO

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