Still Baby-Steppin!

Hey everybody!  Sorry for the long delay in posting…I guess no news has been no news.  Well, kinda-not-really… I do have some fun news:  I’m going to meet D-Vin SOON!  Tickets have been purchased and I will be in Haiti from June 11-16.  I will be going with my dear friends: Sara Lein, her daughter Breelynn, Bree’s boyfriend Kyle (he’s a big, cute body guard type- who is studying to be a special ed. early childhood teacher!), and Doreen Haroldson. Our mission is kind of 3 fold- 1) we are scouting out a possible mission trip for our church to take next summer, 2) potentially in conjunction with World Wide Village (a great non-profit that Bree works for).  I’ve mentioned all these people and WWV in previous posts if you want to take a peek back to understand all the connections.  AND 3) most importantly… to meet our sweet boys (Doreen and David are adopting Stanley)!!! 

Many have asked how I’m feeling about meeting Davensly, how I will feel when saying goodbye, what my expectations are, etc…  I’m really not one to try and guess how I will feel, but rather I will just wait for the moment and then process it as it’s happening and afterwards.  I know that I am very excited to go, and thrilled I get to meet our son whom we began loving last summer. I expect it to be hard to say goodbye, but I am grateful for the opportunity to share hugs/smiles/laughter, play soccer, take him on a field trip to the beach and on walks… I am thankful I get to be introduced to his beautiful country and culture. (I’m a little nervous about eating the food!)  I am keeping my expectations low for our first introduction as I know that kids are kids everywhere you go…he may or may not be excited to meet me.  He may be shy at first then warm up as we play soccer or throw a ball around. He may want to hold my hand, he may not! Just like our other two kids every single day… it might depend on how he’s feeling at that exact moment! He may be just getting ready to eat, or be distracted by a friend or a toy he is playing with… whatever happens- I’ll be ok. Relationships take time. I get that.  Of course, he’s going to love me eventually 🙂  right?!?!

On the adoption legal process:  still waiting to have our dossier entered into IBESR. Our lawyer is supposed to be meeting with some social services/IBESR higher-ups today to get some answers. Remember- Haitian time is nothing like American time. Today probably means MAYBE this week we will know something more 🙂  MAYBE next week… HOPEFULLY today (I’m too American to not still believe it might just happen today).

Blessings, all! If you think of us this week- please pray for our case to move forward! Thanks.


  1. So glad we have a God who sees. I was just reading Esther today how King Xerxes “couldn’t sleep” so God could use that opportunity to have the records read to him. At JUST the right time, he heard about what Mordecai did for him. And at JUST the right time, God spared Mordecai and the Jews …seemingly, all because a king had insomnia! God has his people all around. He has Davinsly in his sights. He knows your mama heart. Trusting and asking with you that the right people would be awoken to Davinsly and Stanley’s paperwork! xoxo Jennifer

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