HE did it

Since early February we have been asking for prayer for our dossier to be accepted into IBESR.  So much has been up in the air.  Whenever we have asked our case worker how things are going or if anything is happening, she would then send an email down to our lawyer in Haiti to ask him for an update.  He would reply something like this (an actual email response):

Hi Julie (caseworker),
I am waiting for IBSR to allow the submission of the two dossiers. We work everyday on those dossiers.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Robert Conand Masse.

Or, like this:

Hi Julie, I will answer that question nest week. Conand.

Well, last night I was wondering if we should send another email to check in since we haven’t heard from anyone for a couple of weeks.  At 9:30pm (Sunday night) the email below came through to us and Haroldson’s from our caseworker:

From Julie: Congrats he did it….:)

From Conand:  Hi Julie,
I hope you are doing fine. Those two dossiers are submitted into IBSR.
Chovelt Davensly /Pearcy IBSR# 21079,
Haralson/Samedy Stanley IBSR# 21080.
Thank you and have a nice day.

WOO HOO! I know from Julie when she said “he”, she meant Conand. When I say “HE”, I mean the Lord.  He answered our specific prayer that the boys may get into IBESR before we traveled to meet them, and without jumping through all the hoops they are setting up with “The List” of approved agencies they will work with- ours is NOT on it- and agency quotas of kids and dossiers (one per month).

God sent our two sweet boys through TOGETHER! AT THE SAME TIME! BEFORE WE GET THERE!

Be encouraged that God does see.  He does know.  He is working behind the scenes on our behalf when all we can do is wait.  Thank you for praying.           For such a time as this…


  1. That is WONDERFUL news! Love how HE answered our prayers for acceptance to the IBESR before you go to meet Davinsly! Only 22 days!! Love you all so much!!

  2. Woo Hooooo! And it looks like you got on under the old system, too! Glory to God!! Our #’s are 21006-21008, maybe we’ll be picking up our boys around the same time!!!

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