12 more days…

…until I get to meet the little man!  Whoop! Cali and I went shopping yesterday with Doreen, Megan, and Anna (a couple of them got a little distracted at times…won’t mention any names) to pick up some stuff for our Beach Day field trip to Wahoo Bay Resort and for our Movie Night with the boys.

Cal and MegIt was kind of surreal…we were trying to be discerning about luggage space, their “likes”, practicality-Cal really wanted us to bring down a big blow up pool for the orphanage, plus fishing poles- and not wanting to appear as “rich Americans” who just heap stuff on them.  I think we did alright- got a few blow up toys, a couple frisbees, some water bombs and squirt guns (we were tempted by the big bazookas), little buckets and shovels, and a few snacks for our Avengers movie night.  Hopefully, the guys haven’t moved on yet from superheroes.photo

Thanks a mil to those of you who have bought or donated things for us to take down, too!

Since my last post about our acceptance into IBESR, a few have asked what that means… it means that the Haitian Social Services officially regards us as adoptive parents, and Davensly as an adoptable child for us.  It means the real process began that day.  It means barring any really weird circumstances, he will be ours (but probs not for another 1.5+ years)!  It’s a big deal.  It means I can meet him with a wide open heart (I think!).  It means lots of more baby steps to be taken- but we know what those are and we aren’t just sitting in limbo waiting for acceptance into their government.  IT MEANS A LOT.

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  1. so happy for you, Ann, and that you get to meet Davensly in person!!! Looks like you had a fun time shopping for the little guys. Take care and have an amazing trip! Looking forward to hearing about it!

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