I just can’t wait to be…hot

This morning while driving around, I realized I was singing to myself, “I just can’t wait to be HOT!” to the tune of “I Can’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King.  It’s June 7th and I actually turned the heat on this morning for a little while to warm up the house.  SICK. and not in a cool way.So- as I creep closer to leaving Tuesday morning, I find myself checking the forecast for Port-au-Prince a couple times a day.  I love what I see: photo(ignore the thunderbolts- it’s the Caribbean). I don’t remember moving to Seattle this spring- but, it’s been so busy I may have just forgotten.  Rumor has it that it’s supposed to get nice in Minny next week- and I really hope it does for all of you here!  Make sure you find your sunglasses just for fun, in case the big orange ball indeed makes an appearance.  I don’t want to hear about any accidents while I’m gone b/c someone has forgotten how to drive in sunny conditions.

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