Heavy eyes Full heart

Here’s the text (journal entry more like it) I just sent Scott…

Hi hon. Back at the house. Said goodbye to our boy at Rock’s sister’s house… Worked out ok bc we weren’t expecting to say goodbye then, so we didn’t have to be building up to it all afternoon. Rock just said, ‘my sister is taking the boys back to the orphanage so you need to say goodbye now.’ I think we both looked like deer in headlights.

I’m ok. Was a sad drive down the mountain. Rock will talk to the boys tonight. And I wrote him a note for Rock to read to him later. Vin seemed ok too. Glad that’s done. I was sad. He will be ok Rock assures me :).

Where we went to Rocks sisters place reminded me of Kaui. Beautiful. Tropical. Comfortable. We had a picnic outside of chicken, fried plantains and pickly (a spicy cabbage). It was good and I ate most of it. We had so much fun with his family trying to learn some Creole and they were practicing their English. Lots of laughs.

The boys ran around, explored, looked at the chickens, rabbit, hornkey (not sure if it was a horse or a donkey), tried to ride a bike, and we played some dominoes! Happy to have a for sure game to play with Vin when he comes home.

I think I just turned this into my blog :). My eyes are heavy, my lip is quiverring, but my heart is full.

Miss you guys. Will call you from Ft. Lauderdale!

…Kyle took pics of our goodbyes. I am not ready to look at them yet! But here are a couple from our adventures today. After our picnic, we stopped in downtown PAP bc Bree insisted on shopping. It was fun. I just bantered with the sellers and held firm that I intended to buy nothing. They didn’t believe me.

Tonight we are just hanging out and packing up. To bed early. 6:30 pick up for airport. Home via Ft Lauderdale and Dallas. In at 10:45pm! Anxious to see my MN fam.










  1. What a perfect way to blog about your day today. I can’t imagine the mixed emotions that you must be going through today. Praying for you and Scott as you continue on this journey to bring Vin home. We’re praying for you each step of the way. Praying for Vin and Stanley too. I imagine this is a confusing day for them too. Praising God that our Heavenly Father is there with them when we can’t be.

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