Day: June 15, 2013

Spoken perfectly by Will

hi manman. sa a se Will. Mwen kontan men tris ou ap vini lakay ou. Mwen pa vle w kite Davensly. 🙂 😦

I got this message from Will last night. He says perfectly and in a nutshell how I am feeling. So, I will leave you with that for now. Rock and the boys are picking us up today at 9:30 for an adventure of Rock’s choosing. After all, we have dragged him around this town for 4 days. His patience, kindness, sense of humor, and servant heart is beyond compare! I’m blessed to now call him friend. I think he might be taking us to his sister’s home in the mountains and she is cooking for us. We fly home tomorrow.

Now, in case you don’t speak Creole like I do- AHAHAHAHAHA – Will’s message says, ‘Hi Mom. This is Will. I’m happy you are coming home but I’m sad. I don’t want you to leave Davensly. 🙂 😦