Month: July 2013

Thank you, Facebook

Wow… it’s been a month+ since my last post! I apologize for not sharing any info since getting back from my trip to Haiti.  There hasn’t been much to report.  Last week I sent an email to our lawyer just to say hi and thanks again for taking the time to meet with us while we were there.  Of course, I couldn’t resist asking him if there was any news to report regarding our case! Here was his response:

“Hi Ann, It was such a pleasure to meet both of you.  I deeply enjoyed my conversation with you. The dossiers are moving on.  At this point we have returned all the the missing documents and everything is complete. As far as  I am concerned, those are dossiers that could be  signed out anytime. We are waiting for IBSR.  I will let you know.  Thank you very much for the picture.  They are great. Say Hi to Doreen, if you have a chance to see her.
Thank you and have a blessed day.

So- that warmed my heart last week!  Such a nice man.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Sara (before she hopped on a plane to Thailand for 2 weeks! I might add) and found out that Rock (see many previous posts if you are wondering who he is) is heading back to the States on Friday.  I quickly shot him a message asking if there’d be a chance for us to Facebook video chat with him and Davensly before he departed.  I mentioned that today would work for us in the morning or around dinner time.  I fully expected it to be later in the day b/c he needed to get his better computer back from a friend so the chat would work.  I was up early getting ready to head to the golf course and happened to check my phone around 7… I had an email from Rock right then that said he was on Facebook and would be waiting for me! Within 5 minutes we were live and chatting away! IT WAS SO AWESOME!! Except that Scott was gone at Bible Study and the kids were still asleep…no problem, as they say in Haiti.  First Stanley hopped on to say hello and politely asked how I was doing…adorable.  Then, Davensly got on and off we went to the basement to wake the kids!  All 4 boys and Rock traveled with me into Will’s room and giggled away as I woke him up.  They laughed at his bed head and sleepy hello and that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. They all enjoyed seeing Vinny’s bed and room he will share with his brother. We were being so loud that Cali wandered in wondering what in the world was going on.  I LOVED that they could meet Rock (he apologized to them for their mommy waking them up so early) and the boys!!  Rock told us that the boys were in English class with a guy named, Janel… who then popped online to say hello to me so that was fun, too! Janel told me that Davensly talks about me often. 🙂 He’s probably about 20 years old and seems like a great kid.  He will be going to the orphanage to teach the boys Monday through Thursdays from 8-10.  Super pumped about that.  The plan is that he will continue once school is back in session, too. Davensly shared with us the ABC’s and the days of the week (I think today was Day 2 of class).  And, he spelled his name. He did great.

From there we went upstairs to the porch so he could meet Will’s bearded dragon, Beats.  Scott came home then, too, so that was great timing! After sharing Beats with them for a couple minutes, Rock shooed the other 3 boys back to class and gave us a little quiet time with our boy.  We were asking him lots of questions- after getting “yes” as a reply to most (except he said no when I asked if he would hold Beats!)- I opened up the Google Translate app on my phone (Thanks to whomever developed that, as well). It was then we found out some very intimate details of the inner workings of our little guy…like: his favorite color is BLUE. Favorite thing to eat: SANDWICH (Peanut Butter). Favorite animal: BEATS (yes, our Beats :). Favorite sport: FUTBOL/SOCCER. He wants to play soccer for a team in MN. What makes him happy: TOM & JERRY cartoons (something Willy loves, too!). What makes him sad: he couldn’t think of anything! It was fun learning a little more about him.  I can’t wait until we can communicate more effectively.

After a good 45 min of chatting with everyone- it was time to say goodbye yet again 😦  We all got to tell him we love him and he said he loves us too…then, he went back to class.  We talked for a few more minutes to Rock then I told him he was the one who would have to hang up first- I just couldn’t hit disconnect!  I was pretty sad saying goodbye this time- I know that without Rock being down there it will be nearly impossible to connect with Davensly. The only other adult there now will be their nanny who doesn’t speak English and has no computer.  Sigh.  But- having that connection today with him and all of us made my month!! I am so grateful to Rock for making that happen! Riky and Kk- the brothers who are going to their forever family in Montana- will be leaving very soon and that is bittersweet.  So sweet for their family who has been waiting nearly 4 years! At the same time, I know Davensly and Stanley will miss them greatly. Especially when it’s so quiet around there anyway b/c the school kids are on summer vacation.  Please pray for all of them with these upcoming transitions.

Here is a snapshot of our first family photo 🙂 LOL. See the 4 of us in the upper right hand