Precious phone call

We hadn’t heard from Sara since she left on Wed. I knew she wasn’t getting Internet or phone service. I knew she would try to call if she could. I woke up at 7:30 today wondering if I might have missed her call… Nope. So I went about my morning. I was getting ready to head out for some exercise. Come out of the bathroom at 10:02 and saw a voicemail from a strange number at 10:02!! Sara: hi Annie, it’s us! We will have to try you later!
Thankfully her daughter, Bree, called soon afterwards and said they’d call back at 11!
We were all standing over the phone at 10:57 staring at it waiting… Waiting…waiting…
Then, they called! Davensly was so cute- he said right away: Hi Mom. How are you? Thank you for the book (of pics from my visit). Then, he asked what did I eat yesterday :). Bree had given me the heads up that this was the English question of the day they’ve learned. Not sure from whom? Too cute.
All of us talked to him briefly. He said a couple times “thank you for the music” and “I understand music.” We sent him an obnoxious musical card that plays the Macarena :). Will sang to him his special lyrics of, “hamburger, cheeseburger, lettuce and tomato…” to the tune.

We got cut off once as he was talking to Scott. They called back and he said, “let me talk to dad.”

He made our day! He asked for a game and another avenger guy for when we go back. I think!?! It’ll be fun to talk more to Sara when she gets back and get more details on the guys. Haroldsons got to talk to Stanley this am, too. So fun!

Hope your day is great! Thanks for reading and caring about our adventures!


  1. I can hear the excitement in your voice. How fun to hear him call you ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. I bet you are all on a ‘HIGH’ today. I am just having read this. Love to you all…….

  2. What a treat after all the anxious waiting!
    Ann, it is so neat to hear about the connections you have been able to have from the time spent with Davensly when you visited him to the special internet moments. Making lots of memories any which way you can.

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