Fun stuff brought back


My last post was about the sweet phone call we shared with Vin-dog last month while Sara was visiting the boys.  When she got back, we had fun hearing more about her time with them.  She, thoughtfully, took a page of notes to trigger fun things to share.  Aside from the many pics she took (top left then clockwise: enjoying the obnoxious Macarena card we sent, having a deep thought while hangin with his pals outside, chatting with us on the phone, and playing blocks), she got each boy to write a letter “home”… she did a little one on one with each of them so they wouldn’t just copy each other (such a great teacher!).  Here’s ours:

letter home

COME ON! and how about that penmanship?!  This is the stuff that melts our hearts and intensifies our prayers to get this kid home.  PLEASE join us and pray for MOVEMENT of our case and that his and Stanley’s files move together! THANKS.

Here are some other tidbits Sara shared with us about our boy:

* he does NOT like to have his pic taken, but he loves to see it afterwards * he really enjoys seeing videos of himself * he dunks his bread in his milk * he plays legos all the time while inside- even while watching t.v. (which is a huge treat when the electricity comes on) * he enjoys a running conversation with his friends while watching t.v. (one night Soul Surfer was on in French) * he was watching Sara about to eat her meal and as she was digging in he said, “Pray to God!” and asked her if she knows how to pray to God…LOL! * he kept checking on Sara while she was painting a room and asking, “fini?” * I sent some pages of a Kreyol/English picture book (he loved them) and as he was looking at the sports pages he said, “I HATE basketball.  I LOVE soccer.” Then,he  went to get his picture book we sent him and showed Sara the pages of Will and Cali playing sports * while Sara was showing them the map of the U.S. and explaining where Riky and Kk were going to be in Montana, and where we all live in MN, and where Rock lives in Georgia, he said, “You live in Minnesota too?” “You go to my house?”  He was very happy to hear that, yes, Sara would be seeing him often. * Looking through pics on Sara’s computer, he said, “Hey Stanley, it’s Megan and Anna (Stanley’s sisters).” * He loved the pics of Sara’s nephew, JP (from same orphanage) playing soccer and said, “He loves soccer? He lives in Minnesota?” * He asked Sara, “I come to your house to eat food?”

Aahhh… tender moments.  Can’t wait to get down there again to see him.  Praying we get word soon that we can make arrangements to travel for our court date.

I made a video of clips that Sara took…we love his little celly (celebration) after scoring a goal…listen to his nice singing voice during the sing-a-long with a friend who stopped by to see Sara- he aspires to be a singer and they’re singing a popular pop song that all the boys seem to know and like (notice the guitar has Hannah Montana stickers)… his enjoyment of the Macarena card… and a shoutout to us (with some coaching from his friends that he doesn’t necessarily appreciate).


  1. What precious gifts God is giving to you while you wait for your boy to come home! Lord Jesus, thank you for being aware and active in this journey to bring this family together. We ask you to bring it to pass quickly and in such a way that all who hear this story will give you praise. Amen

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