Follow up

In the past 2 weeks, we have seen God answer some specific prayers (yay!) around the 2 issues needing to be taken care of that I spoke of on Oct. 25 (orphanage license renewal & Davensly’s updated pyschological exam):

1. we have received presidential dispensation   2. the licensing issue is either taken care of or very close  3. Davensly was taken for his appt TODAY, and  4. his name (and Stanley’s) has been printed in the Haitian newspaper, Le Moniteur (this is some weird important step in the process… aren’t they all?!).  See Stanley Samedy & Davensly Chovelt towards the bottom of this picture.


I was telling a friend this week all that’s happened and she said it reminded her of the persistent widow in a bible story…I had to look it up to recall the details… in Luke 18 the story is told by Jesus of a woman who basically pestered an unfair judge until he gave her what she wished just to make her go away! After prayers by many and my every other day texts and emails to the people who could really get something done on our behalf- maybe they are sick of me badgering them :). The woman in the story would not accept no for an answer. God wants us to persist in our prayers in the same way.  Jesus told this story to his disciples so that they wouldn’t become discouraged and give up hope.  This craziness definitely causes moments/hours/days of discouragement, but I refuse to give up hope.

¨Prayer is not getting man’s will done in heaven, but getting God’s will done on earth.  It is not overcoming God’s reluctance but laying hold of God’s willingness.” -Warren Wiersbe.

We will continue to have bulldog-like persistence when prompted!  We choose to: Be joyful in hope. Patient in affliction. Faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12.


  1. As always I am amazed by your tenacity, courage and faith. What terrific news and my prayers will continue. With Love, Trish

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