As the adoption process turns…


…these are the days of our lives. I was never really into soap operas- maybe just a little addicted to Days my freshman year at Bethel thanks to the influence of our senior leader captains (you know who you are…J9). I remember the frustration felt at the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE when they left us hanging just enough to suck us in the next day when we’d come back to our VHS recorder to find not much had really happened, and we could never get any sense of closure. Torturous. So thankful that was a short-lived season of my life.
On second thought, maybe had I watched all these years I would have been better equipped to handle the real life soap opera it seems like I’m living in with this adoption process?! Nah.
I will try to be brief- and not leave you hanging- both opposite qualities of DOOL (days of our …).

Yesterday I sent a quick email to our lawyer in Haiti telling him we are thankful for his work on our adoption and might we receive word this week that we have exited IBESR.
He graciously returned my email this morning and basically said we are still being held up because the crèche license hasn’t been updated yet. And, asked me to talk with Rock or his brother, Dukens, about this issue.
I proceeded to call Rock on the phone (first time I’ve done that)- he answered- we chatted- he is annoyed bc Dukens took care of this a couple weeks ago and says all the paperwork is completed and fees have been paid. I just ask him to get in touch with the lawyer to figure out what needs to be done.

I was thankful I had the distraction of being at work today bc a flurry of emails were getting sent around between our agency in MT, Haiti, Rock in GA, and me in MN! Soap Opera!
And now I’m excited to compartmentalize some more as I take the kids to watch a couple friends from church play basketball against each other, then to watch Cali’s hockey game tonight! Great distractions while I miss my little boy this Thanksgiving week.
Stay tuned for the next episode of As the AP turns…

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  1. Hang in there and just stay on top of it, sis. God has everything orchestrated for his arrival to your/our family and he will be here in His time…
    You would not have been better off watching more Days of Our Lives. The whole Bo and Hope “does he love me or doesn’t he” thing would have too annoying for you. Ditto for Roman (John Black) and Marlena and all the other relationships. I don’t feel real good that I remember that stuff.
    Love you.

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