Day: February 5, 2014

Haiti bound!

Scott and I are going to see our son on Sunday, Feb. 16! We will also go to Haitian adoption court on that Monday. It sounds as if it’s nothing more than showing someone our passports and signing our names in a notebook. We had hoped to be able to file some paperwork at the US Embassy while there but it sounds as if they are booked until March and not allowing walk ins at this time (First time that has happened). So, we will plan to file that here once we get back if we run into the same roadblock.
Haroldson’s went down this week to do the same things… within an hour of their arrival at the orphanage, their son, Stanley, broke his arm while playing soccer. It’s been a big bummer bc he has been in the hospital since then. And they have only been allowed to visit him an hour per day. Stanley had surgery last night. He broke his radius and ulna. Crazy circumstances all the way around. The language barrier has made it tough to get information and answers. Pray for all of them if you think of it. They come home tomorrow. I feel sad that they haven’t been able to bond with Stanley like they expected and had hoped for. Thankfully, they were there when it happened as they knew right away it was bad and pushed to get him to a dr.
They called us last night and we spent some quality minutes with Vinny on the phone! His English has improved a lot since we talked to him in September. He loved talking to Willy. They talked about soccer, super heroes, and chicken and rice. He asked me to bring him some more pictures, games and super heroes. He told Scott they could play soccer. He told Doreen he REALLY likes me :). He made us laugh. He told Cali he has never played hockey a day in his life.
David said we are going to have our hands full and that he’s always saying funny stuff in funny voices. He told David, “I’m going to take all the Creole out of my head and put it in your head, and take all the English out of your head and put it in my head!”
As nice as it is that they are getting to know Vinny better, I so wish Stanley could’ve been there with all of them this week. Just stinks what happened.
We will be in touch!
Oh- to answer a couple FAQ’s: we will not be bringing him home with us, and we don’t have a timetable on that. Best case probs 5 mths to home. That’s with no delays and proper paperwork. Meaning quick approval by USCIS, no typos of names on visa and/or passport…etc. would be a miracle. 🙂