Day: April 2, 2014


April fool’s…sort of.  Ok… so, we don’t exactly know when…but, we know it WILL happen!

I grew up in a family where some of us enjoyed April 1st.  Every year we would get my mom with the old “black hockey tape around the kitchen sink sprayer” prank.  My mom was notorious for turning on the kitchen faucet at full boar every single time!  We laughed and laughed.  She did, too. Usually. Sometimes, when we let our guard down, we would get each other or even ourselves with it.  We would switch the sugar with the salt and watch as a sibling made some delicious butter and salt toast for breakfast.  Inevitably, someone would shake the 2 liter of 7-Up and leave it in the fridge for the next unsuspecting victim.  I giggle thinking about it.  In my married years, I’ve enjoyed trying out some of these- and new ones- on our kids and Scott.  My prodigy will most likely be Will.  Cali believes everything (sent her a text this morning after she was all dolled up saying that school was cancelled because of a water main break and it was flooded) and Scott doesn’t have pranks on his mind so he is pretty gullible, as well.  Willy wandered around trying to think of his next gag (see picture below)- he has some work to do, but he has potential at least.  When I picked him up today, he excitedly asked me: did I get Cali with the faucet trick?  Me: what did you do?  Him: I used some tape and a rubberband!  Me: to do what?  Him: (giggly) “I don’t know!  Spray up to her face?? Like you got us with every year!”  Me: (laughing) “We don’t have that kind of a sink anymore.”  Will: “OHHHH!” 

I’ve found great joy in texting with friends and family today trying to fool them.  It’s fun to watch and hear the joy and giggles spread around, too.  I found myself driving in the car laughing out loud to myself while I wondered if Vinny would be a prankster or not.  Right now I could see him going either way.  Will and I will try our best to influence him to the dark side.

A couple years ago, on this date, I texted Scott and told him I had locked my keys in my car and could he go home and get the spare set and bring them to me…I knew he was about 10 min out from the house heading to a meeting on the other side of town and that he had just enough time to run back home- and I knew that he would because he is so nice… so, just after he told me he would go back and get them, I let him know I was April foolin’ him.  We laughed and on our ways we went.  Well, I was so excited about my joke that shortly after that I really did lock my keys- and my phone- in my car when I had stopped for lunch.  I had to go next door to the Sprint mobile shop and borrow a phone that was locked on a cable, call my brother Tom, ask him to leave work and go to my house to get extra keys then drive them to me at Chipotle!  When he got there, I was like, “April Fool’s!… Just Kidding!” 

I tried it out again today… Scott believed me- he says it’s because I have a little bit of a history with this kind of thing.  🙂  But, I did get him.  Again.  I’ve giggled a lot today- how about you?!