It’s the final countdown


We leave for Haiti in 10 days! We will be here at beautiful Wahoo Bay a week from Sunday! Wow. Crazy. Can’t believe it. So much to do. Details. Packing lists… mine, Cali’s, Will’s, Vinny’s, supplies for the house the boys live in and for our daily activities. Finish sponsorship bags/letters/pics from families here. Pick up 4 boxes of t-shirts being donated by Wayzata HS Athletics. Plan with Amy for our game station. Don’t worry about what I can’t control- like who will get the rampant mosquito virus, chikungunya, that is hitting Haiti very hard right now. Buy bug spray with a high concentration of DEET. Fill the anti-biotic prescription my dentist gave me. Empty my phone of pics and videos so there’s room for more. Prepare my heart. Grieve and deal with the fact that Vinny will not be able to come home with us. I am sad about this. I have a laundry list of reasons it would be so much better than waiting until fall or winter. (Not to mention we just want him HERE. NOW.)  I have mostly been ok with the fact that he isn’t here yet bc most time frames have said 1.5-2 years from the time you are accepted into IBESR.  It has been about 13 months since then. But, because Vin doesn’t have birth parents there are parts of the process that we can skip. So, June really could’ve happened. Boo. Also, if he would’ve come home by now, we wouldn’t be taking this trip next week.  I can’t wait for them to meet their brother on his home turf and experience his home country! I get choked up though every time I think about us leaving him there. Yikes. God will get us through it!  

Stay tuned for more…  Coming tomorrow- maybe 🙂 …a Who’s Who of the friends we’re traveling with.  It’s an incredible group of people.



  1. You will keep in perfect peace
    Those whose minds are steadfast,
    Because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3
    Praying this verse for you!

  2. It’s so great you guys get to go visit him!!!! Such a blessing. I wish he was coming home with you, too. Wayzata tshirts…’s good to have connections! 🙂 have an amazing trip!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Did Chris ask you yet if you have any free time Sat afternoon? I’m meeting her in MG to pick up the shirts…guessing you’ll be at a soccer tournament somewhere?!

  3. Beautiful place you will be staying, fun to see this. Well reading this made me excited for you all but also made me cry, I know you are so eager to have him home with you. We are anxious to have him here too, I have to keep telling myself that God’s timing for this is the best & when it’s all over I’m sure we will know why it happened like this..

    Praying for you all & praying you will stay well. Love you so much, Mom

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