Cali’s thoughts… Leaving tomorrow!

So, I haven’t written a blog in a year, so bear with me.  I just wanted to share with all of you of few of my thoughts as we get ready to leave for Haiti tomorrow.

This past week has been so busy for me, that I haven’t really had any time to sit and think about this journey we are about to go on tomorrow.  So, it hit me all at once this morning. I was sitting downstairs watching tv this morning, when I got a notification on my phone.  It was Sara Lein’s blog.  As I’m reading her blog about our trip, I began to get tears in my eyes.  As I kept reading those few tears turned into a lot of tears.

I began to think about all the things I will get to do and the people I will get to meet in this country that I have developed a heart for.  Yes, I get to meet my brother, Vinny, but I will also get to meet all his friends and get to experience his culture and learn more about the country he has lived in his whole life.  I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with him in his element and to just get to know him and his personality.  I can’t wait to play soccer with him, talk to him, and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around that little guy.  Ever since September of 2012, I have waited for the moment that I get to hug him, and just play with him and that moment gets to happen on Sunday. As I sit here and think about meeting him for the first time I am starting to tear up.  It is going to be one of those moments in my life that I will NEVER forget.

I posted on facebook exactly 1 year ago today that I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around Vinny someday, and who would have known that almost exactly a year after I posted that I would get to do just that.

I am so excited to see what The Lord has planned for this week, and to see how he works through our group.  I am also so excited to get to share this experience with 2 of my best friends.  Rachel Bauman and Sarah LaVick have been 2 of my best friends since I was a baby.  Having the 2 of them by my side during this journey is going to make it even more special for me.  There is nothing better than traveling with your best friends.

As we get ready to leave tomorrow, I would like to ask if you all could pray for us.  Pray for safe travel, that everyone stays healthy, and most importantly everyone will see The Lord working in Haiti.  I cannot wait to see what He has planned for us down there, and we will make sure to keep you all updated when we can!  Thanks for your prayers.

-Cali 🙂




  1. Oh Cal, you brought tears to my eyes too! I am so excited to see how the Lord works while you guys are gone. I can’t wait to hear all the stories! I am thrilled that you, Rachel and Sarah can all experience this together! I wish I could be there too. Looking forward to seeing pics of you, Will and Vinny together!! Love you!

  2. I love you cal. You have such a tender heart. I wish I was going with you all! Be safe. Can’t wait to hear all about your journey. Love, auntie Amy.

  3. That was great Cali..this made me cry.. I love you & so happy you get to go with friends & meet your brother,,very special.. We will be praying for you & everyone on the trip..Wish I could be there when Vinny sees you & Will & your mom,,that would be great.

    Safe travels, hugs & kisses to you. Grams.

  4. Praying for you and your trip! Excited to hear about the unforgettable first hug and time with your brother, Vinny!

  5. Okay, bawling!!! Can’t wait to see pics of this sweet uniting!!! Praying and living this journey for you all!!!

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