Cali’s thoughts on Monday

Wow! What a crazy last couple days. Got delayed in MSP so ended up staying the night in Chicago instead of Miami which ended up being nice cause we got more sleep than expected! But anyways we got to Haiti around 2:30pm (EST). We got our luggage, and headed to the guest house. Once we got to the guest house we had a little time to get situated(not much) until we got the call. Meaning our moms(Doreen and my mom) called Megan, Anna, Will, and me out to the drive way. Which is where is all happened haha! Right when I saw the truck the boys were in, I was a mess. I was balling, I felt kinda bad because Vinny didn’t know why we were crying! Mom told him they were all happy tears.
After we met, and got ourselves together, we went to the orphanage. We got a tour of ANA. Then went and saw the land that ANA owns up in the hills.
Today we had a VBS for the children and the school. Imagine VBS at your church but all in creole and not really being able to communicate we your crew. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but that’s what this whole trip is about.
To say these last few days have been overwhelming would be quite the understatement. Meeting Vinny was everything I could have imagined and more. He is such a sweet kid and is way cuter in person 🙂 he is already giving me attitude so I guess that’s a good sign. The driving here is crazy! I have already hit my head a few times in the van.
Today we were walking through the neighborhood, I was walking next to Vinny, and he just grabbed my hand and we held hands for a little bit. That will be another moment I won’t forget.
It has been an awesome few days, and can’t wait to see what happens the next 3 days!


  1. So great to hear what you’ve been doing and what thoughts are going through your head! T
    Thanks Cal! Love you!

  2. Cali…….I am in tears reading this. I feel your excitement in all that you are doing. What an absolutely awesome experience you and Will are having. As you said, moments you will never forget. Cali, you are so good at writing…….maybe you will become an author some day. And how smart you are to recognize ‘your comfort zone’. Lots of adults never recognize that in a lifetime. I look so forward to hearing more about this journey. Love to you, Will, your mom and Vinny.

  3. Hi Cali, This was great Cal, thanks for the update.. how cute Vinny is with you, I’m so glad for you both,, Great experiences you are having, ones you will never forget.. I love you. anxious to hear more news. Grams.

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