WAHOO… Bay that is

I’m awake early and will attempt to send this post before all our teenagers arise and hog the waves of wifi. These kids with us- the teens- have been INCREDIBLE gifts this week! They find energy, fun, mischief, high fives and hugs when it feels like there might be none left to give for the day. They have lead singing, prayer, games… They have shared their scarce resource- water- with kids who are thirsty… They have allowed their hair to be played with (for some reason the Haitian girls have no interest in Doreen’s or my curly locks! Too familiar we think 🙂 … last night- Will, Eli, JP, Will Rod, and Vinny played soccer in our driveway until 10:00 with Mangos falling from the tree above and then eating and sharing the fruit right off the ground. I LOVE that!
Today we head back to the school this morning for more fun and buckets of sweat. Then, we are off to Wahoo Bay Beach to play and relax a bit in the afternoon. This is what we were planning to do on Sunday but had to reschedule bc of our delayed arrival. My bag is packed with suits for 4 little boys! Excited for this day! If you are on Facebook, I shared a post of Sara’s that I related well to.. This week has been full of emotions and gratitude. It has been hard to find time or space to reflect on all that my heart is carrying here. So- much of my posts are detail orientated for that reason :).


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