Random reflections

Ahh. On a plane. Headphones in. Kids done trading seats with strangers to sit by friends. Too mentally tired to formulate complete thoughts and sentences. So- here’s a peek into the random thoughts rolling around in my brain and feelings in my heart: I didn’t use one Clorox wipe while in Haiti but have gone through a pack since leaving there this morning. Ironic. I didn’t wash my water bottle once all week and shared it with God knows how many people. I was the last in our room to shower and crawl in bed each night (it’s true, Scott). I did not miss for one second being connected to the outside world via tv, phone, or newspaper. I cherished my cold trickling shower each night. I only turned on my laptop once in my attempt to download pics from my phone- and that didn’t work and I didn’t even care. I want to bring some of Haiti me back to MN. I didn’t even mind the layers upon layers of sweat, bugspray, sunscreen, repeat. Last night I went to find Will to say goodnight- late- and he was up on the roof with JP and Will having some 3 amigo time in complete darkness with no shirt on and all I said was, “do you have bug spray on?” Instead of our typical American, “be careful!” I think I saw 3 Mosquitos the entire time and was not bitten by any of them. Where were the swarms we all expected?! I only used the bug net on my bed the first night. Just felt too confining. And wow- good thing that large piece of wood that flew off the tap tap in front of our van on the highway to Wahoo Bay didn’t hit us 1 foot higher or Amy and Richard would have had a shattered windshield in their laps. It was sad but also reassuring to see Vinny shed tears a couple different times yesterday. That was a first. Haitians aren’t know for crying much. JP told us that “Vinny” means “come here” in Creole so that’s why he always listens to us :). When I got up yesterday morning I needed some alone time to figure out how I was going to make it through the day- I wanted to be fully aware of the magnitude that I was leaving 1/3 of my kids behind- ugh- that’s a horrible feeling- and I wanted to be engaged, present and enjoy the Spektak at the school and our shopping time in the afternoon and our little bit of playtime before dinner and the boys departure right after. God gave me some words out of Proverbs 30 while I was brushing my teeth before anyone else had gotten up yet…give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, ‘Who is the LORD? Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God. . .” He gave me what I needed all day- just enough- as he is known to do 🙂 God was present yesterday- as he was all week, for all of us. We laughed. We cried. We played. We danced. We told and heard stories of Gods goodness and provision to us and to Kozefò and to the staff and students at A New Arrival school. We marvel at the difference between one year ago when it was going to close and yesterday where there was an amazing year end performance directed by the teachers for the parents and for us. We got to help them decorate with balloons and paper chains. And share in pastries and sodas afterwards. The hearts of Cali, Will and Davensly were knit together. And so were the hearts of our entire team. We became family. We are already dreaming, planning and staying open for what’s next… A summer day camp for the school kids in July or August perhaps? Run by some locals? Give the kids something to look forward to in these dog days of summer? Who knows! Saying goodbye to our boy and leaving him in Haiti was the hardest moment for the kids and me in a very long time but so very sweet, tender and incredible, too. God created us to carry a lot in our hearts all at the same time. I’m so grateful. And now the kids are back to bickering 🙂
Back to life.. Back to reality… There’s a song in there somewhere.


  1. You and Cali are such great writers. I feel as if I am right there with you, laughing, enjoying and crying. Oh how I wish I could be there when you explain the photos and detail the visit with family and friends. I am so in awe of all that you and the team have done and will continue to do. All my love, me

  2. Wonderful blog,, lots of great info..I’m glad you are all back home sort of,, back to reality, but I see each time you come back from Haiti you bring a little bit more of it home with you..& that’s good & it will be good for Vinny too. Precious times there & moments that won’t be forgotten. Love you & so proud of you. Mom

  3. What a beautiful post, Ann. I imagine it is incredibly difficult to leave, but so glad you had this opportunity to become a family this week. Playing for your entire family.

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