Month: July 2014

“…passport proceeding began…”

We received good news today (unsolicited even!) from our lawyer via our MT agency that our papers were submitted last Tuesday for Davensly’s passport…big YAY! He had told me the week before that once we were submitted here that he could have the passport in 2-3 wks. Keep prayin’! We are moving.  Feels awesome.  Is awesome really a feeling?…you catch my drift.
On the home front we are nesting :).
We hadn’t touched Will’s room- which Vinny will share- since moving in 7.5 yrs ago- it’s high time (for Will to weed out lots of his used-to-be treasures).
New paint, carpet, window treatment, better closet space, and even new electrical outlets are all in the works!
Now for a plug from our sponsors (jk- on the sponsor part): if you have no plans or boring/changeable plans for the morning of Aug 9- consider coming to a fun 5K walk/jog/run/push your strollers, etc… ALL proceeds go to Davensly’s school in Port au Prince to pay the teachers and cover expenses like rent, uniforms, books, teacher resources and salaries, water, etc,,,!
Sign up on the website at then click on 5K link. My family would LOVE to see you there! Start and finish are in our church parking lot- Woodbury Community Church. Show up at 8:30 (you can walk up and register also), race is at 9:00!