(Our) Emotional Cycle of Adoption…and update


Tonight at dinner with the fam, we created this little wheel of emotions to document what we’ve each felt (some more than others and in varying degrees) daily, weekly and/or monthly, over the past 2 years.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all we’ve been carrying in our hearts…whew! it’s a lot… it seems every step and hurdle has carried this similar theme. The primary cycle we came up with can be found in blue… with accompanying emotions in red and green.  The yellow line represents the general path Scott seems to follow much more easily and quickly than I… what is that?!  Then, throw in the Haroldson’s journey alongside ours and just double everything!  Ai yi yi. We are so grateful for those of you who have cared, cried, laughed, and prayed us through thus far. We need you!  Mostly, we are grateful to God who hears, sees, and knows each of our hearts intimately and blankets us with his compassion, comfort, and new mercies every single day.  We trust these days are not being wasted.

I know this update is long overdue… I’ve been feeling weary in the wait lately and unable to find the space in my heart and brain to process on paper.  HOWEVER…there is some GOOD NEWS since the last post!  1. Vinny’s passport was ready for pick up a few weeks ago 2. Our paperwork made it back to Montana to be translated (French to English) 3. Then, PTL, it made it back to Rock in Haiti via Fed Ex about a week after that (this was a large concern of mine), and finally 4. Rock dropped our dossier off at the US Embassy/Immigration office in Port au Prince on Sept. 9th where it now sits awaiting approval! These accomplishments are all deserving of Hallelujahs! and get us closer and closer to becoming our complete family under one roof!

We are reminded again and again to try and not get caught up in timelines and expectations…but, it’s very difficult because we are definitely in the homestretch and we find HOPE in looking forward to getting our boy home.  Yet delays and disappointments seem to lurk around every corner.  We have moved from hoping and praying he was going to be home this summer, to hoping for the start of school, to MEA break (mid-Oct)…to currently hoping and PRAYING for his homecoming on or before his birthday, NOVEMBER 10th! How awesome would that be?! Party at the airport, anyone?!

Enjoy these quick videos of the boys playing soccer in June- they were having to play more quietly and gently than usual due to the English Institute classes going on at the same time (backstory: no, the ADOPTED t-shirts were NOT from us 🙂 all 4 boys were sporting them one day and we got a little giggle out of them… great verse on the back though!…and Vinny and Ecclesiaste were enjoying the gloves of our work crew.)


  1. Love this update on the family’s feelings.. Love the shirts the boys are wearing too.. In His time!!! Love you all. Mom

  2. Oh the emotions of this journey. Thanks for sketching them out like that and sharing a peek into your hearts. Hugs for you…along with hope and a heavy heart here too. Praying. Praying. Praying.

  3. You are so creative. Seems amazing to put all those feelings into words! I have been praying, “Jesus, if it might be possible, it would be awesome if Vinny could come home for Scott and Ann’s anniversary.” It is getting so close to the 10th………… I know happiness and excitement will be abound no matter what day it is. Love to you all, Just Me

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