Halloween…and no Vinny

Halloween CollageWe’ve enjoyed the fun parts of Halloween with Cali and Will through the years. (except for that one time at the old house that the fake guy who was real scared Will into hysterics…and the other time at the new house where something similar happened).  Most years I or we took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick their own for carving…then dad helped with that part- I’m not very patient nor do I like the slimey inards.  We’ve shared many Halloween nights with friends- ours and/or theirs.  I’m feeling sad this year that Vinny won’t be here 😦  I was hoping to share in our traditions with him while he’s young enough to love it.  He would’ve loved dressing up- probably as a super hero.  I asked Cal this morning if she wants to carve her pumpkin this year.  She replied, “I’m not sure I’ll have time.” Waaaaah!  Hockey starts Monday.  And she’s been invited to a costume party next Friday night.  Will has plans to head out with a neighbor pal and his little sister per their tradition. So, it’ll probs be Scott and me passing out candy alone this year- the past few years that’s been Cali’s gig.  We will miss her for that!  Times they are a changin’…

We haven’t heard from immigration yet.  Really expected to this week.  REALLY bummed about that.  On a fun note- Sara was in Haiti last weekend and we got to Facebook video chat with our boy twice! Well sort of- the first night they could hear/see us but we couldn’t hear them.  That was an unexpected frustration- especially for C & W.  The next night- Cal and I got to see/hear and talk with Vin.  It was AWESOME. Super fun to chat with Stanley, too.  They are so excited and ready to come to MN. They said it multiple times to Sara. So great- and at the same time, so frustrating that we still don’t know when it will happen.

Here’s a cute and short clip of Vinny joyfully checking out the super hero sticker book we sent down… my fav is the “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” and the delightful squeals! 


  1. Love the pictures,, where has the time gone. Now big kids & no more costumes.. Vinny will like it & you will still have a few years to watch his fun. I wish he was here too. Hope he still likes Spiderman when he comes!! The video is so cute, fun to hear his voice. Love you.

  2. Oh I can’t imagine the agony of waiting. You must want to freeze time until he is here. But, you are clearly doing all that you can to connect with him whenever you can. What a great feeling for that sweet boy to KNOW how loved he is. Bonus that his arms are ripped. 🙂 Praying your boy is home s-o-o-n!!

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