#WorldAdoptionDay #Vinnyturns9


Just in case you haven’t heard…November is National Adoption Month.  Last Sunday was Orphan Sunday.  Today (Nov. 9) is World Adoption Day.  Sigh.  It’s been bittersweet to see lots of posts on social media of families celebrating their adopted kids and siblings.  It feels so close and yet so far that Vinny will come home.  Nearing the “end” has made the waiting more difficult. I am actually happy to have Cali’s hockey games, Scott’s basketball reffing, and Will’s impending snowboarding season upon us as it’ll keep me busy and create welcomed distractions.  We haven’t heard from immigration.  Once we hear, it will probably be 4-6 weeks before we can go get him.  Not that hoped for timelines have meant anything but disappointment so far.  We keep the faith knowing God knows.  We stay sane because we believe without a doubt that God is the Father to the fatherless.

Tomorrow (Nov. 10) is our little buddy’s 9th birthday!  We are sad he isn’t here yet to celebrate, but believe me we will when he gets here!  He already gave Sara his wish list and guest list a couple weeks ago when she was there 🙂

I love when we get reminders from friends and family that they also can’t wait for him to get to MN- although we are all wincing at the snow and cold he will most likely- and hopefully now- be greeted by upon his arrival :)… tonight my almost 8 year old nephew, Joe, went to a soccer clinic for his first winter practice…his new trainer is a Haitian guy and in front of about 100 kids Joe shared with him about his cousin Vinny.  That got me a little choked up!  We are so grateful for the village we have here.  Here’s to our big boy turning 9!


  1. Is that coach, Dickie? He is a great encourager for kenlove! Praying for vinny and can’t wait to meet him. Happy birthday! Bon anniversaire!

  2. Oh that’s so sweet..Happy birthday to our Vinny. Celebrations just on hold for now. Love you. Mom

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