Day: January 6, 2015


Our friend Dr. Carter Muench coined that awesome hashtag last week when we got our approval to adopt Vinny from US Immigration. #weloveit
In the 2+ yrs since we started this journey pretty sure we’ve never received good news twice in one week…UNTIL NOW!
Today we (and Haroldson’s!) got an email stating Davensly’s visa interview appointment will be on Wed. Jan. 14 at 8:00 AM! (So will Stanley’s!)
Whoa! We all almost had heart attacks.
We spent our evening filling out and trying to fill out the online visa application forms. Had some success and will need to finish up some other details prior to the 14th.
Both boys are being taken for their final medical evaluations this Wed.
Things are really happenin, people!!
Thanks for the prayers and keep ’em comin’! One of our main prayers from DAY 1 was that neither of these boys would be left behind or alone while one came home first… Praise and thanks be to our God who sees, knows, hears, and loves.