Day: January 9, 2015

Just when you think…

…you have finished everything you needed to do except book a flight to pick up your boy…you find out that they need an ORIGINAL document for the visa interview which is in 5 days.  In Port-au-Prince. A rational person might wonder why they (the adoptions unit at the US Consulate in Haiti) didn’t inform you of this requirement 4 days ago when they gave you a list of instructions to prepare for the interview.  Hmmm.  Because why would you want to get it INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY FedEx’d to HAITI asap?!

Today at noon, I got 2 calls and 3 texts prompting me to leave work, run home and collect original documents then go meet Doreen, who also had to leave work, at FedEx.  While at FedEx and explaining to the worker that these papers needed to get to Haiti like tomorrow (we think he lumped us into the crazy customer who thinks they are more special than everyone else and they should pull whatever strings necessary just to help these women in crisis- which we were- …meanwhile Doreen is telling him they are adoption documents we just found out we needed to have get there by Tuesday the 13th for a meeting at 8:00 am on the 14th…leading him to probably believe that the 2 of us were the adopting couple… lolz)… he proceeds to tell us is there is nothing they can do except tell us our envelope will arrive at its destination by 6:00 PM on Wednesday the 14th.  Hmmm.  That’s not gonna work.

So – we called dhl to see if they could get it there quicker…they could not (before that we had called FedEx corporate to see if we had any other options… we did not).  Back to the counter and $85.00 later, our envelope sits in the Woodbury office until 7:00 tonight when it will get picked up to head to the aeroporto.

Looking for prayers from our village that these docs land in our Power of Attorney’s hands sometime on Tuesday so he can bring them to the visa appointment Wed. at 8:00 AM!  Will be fun to see how God works this last (??) little detail out!  I guess it’s really not over, until we de-board hand-in-hand at MSP in the next couple weeks… stay tuned.