Day: January 13, 2015


Quick update on our documents: according to FedEx tracking- latest scan of it was at 6:00 pm Monday (yesterday) saying it was at the local facility in PAP.  Nothing has been updated today.  Still says it’s on track to be delivered Wed. by 6:00 pm.  We are hoping Dukens picked it up today and will have it for the appt tomorrow morning.

As we wait to hear how things go tomorrow- I’ve been pondering in my heart how proud I am of Cali and Will through this process.

At the start, Will was entering 6th grade. This week he filled out paperwork to register for HS!
Cali was entering 8th grade. In a couple weeks she will have finished her 3rd season of Varsity hockey!
I am so proud of these 2 beautiful, fun and wise teenagers who have opened their hearts, minds and souls to their little brother and to God’s call on our family. They have not once waivered in our commitment to Davinsly.  They have bravely traveled to his home turf to play, learn, and love…and left a piece of themselves there when they hugged him goodbye. They have prayed daily for his paperwork to be moved and for his homecoming. They talk with humor and acceptance of how life will change once he’s here.  I could go on and on and on…
They have open hearts to how this will impact their lives forever even though they- and we- don’t understand all of what that will look like…they know Vinny will add to our family and give more to us than we can ever give him.  I just wanted to share that… not sure I will have time or remember to once we hear what happens tomorrow! 🙂  Maybe tomorrow night we will be booking flights and hotels…

I am so excited for that… and so excited to get him on a plane… and so excited to start being a family of 5! And at the same time, I am aware  of and sensitive to the enormous loss this will bring our sweet boy.  He will be saying goodbye to friends at school (or maybe not even have the chance…), to teachers (his school teachers and his gentle English instructor who we love dearly, Jonas), to his nannies who have loved, taught, cared for and disciplined him since August 2011… to his home country that he has never left… all of that grieves my heart at the same time.  I feel and trust God’s hands on all of us in these next days.  I CAN’T WAIT.