Post visa appt update

Just copying what Doreen sent to our prayer team at church:

Stanley’s Update:
Stanley’s VISA was approved this morning in Haiti at his 8am appointment! We’re so excited and can’t believe it is DONE.

Vinny’s Update:
Dukens (Rock’s brother) took the boys to the 8am appt. in Haiti. They asked Dukens a question about Davinsly’s file that he didn’t have all the information to be able to answer. So the office asked Dukens to bring Ms. Nahomie (house mom at orphanage) to come back to the US Embassy Consulate office tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to provide the missing information. Rock is confident that it is a formality and not to worry. Pearcys will hear tomorrow morning. Please continue to pray!

Rock wants us to wait to travel to pick up the boys until the last week of January to make sure that all of the paperwork is printed and ready. Ann and Doreen will be flying down to Haiti to pick up the boys and bring them back to MN.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support through this journey! We’ll send you another update tomorrow.

Haroldsons and Pearcys


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