Visa appointment…take 2…fini!

Just got off the phone with Rock. We were texting back and forth this am- me bothering him for news and he telling me to relax 😳 I said I was trying but cautioned him not to use those words with his wife… RELAX and CALM DOWN are fightin words in our house 😁. Then, he told me to be patient. Love that guy.
I digress…
All went FINE with the interview with our nanny and IT IS WELL! PRAISE GOD! Thank you all for your prayers these past couple of weeks- for our documents to get down there in time, for our interviews, for our sanity…etc etc! We felt them and needed them. More to come…


  1. 👋👋👋👋😄😄😄😄😘😘😘💗💗💗 I can’t tell you how happy I am!! Tears of joy!! I love you! Praise the Lord!!

  2. Wonderful news..praise the Lord ..answered prayers..can’t wait now to hug our new grandson.

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  3. So excited for you! Glad that God took care of getting those documents down there on time. Praising for answered prayer right now…..

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