It’s time

My bedtime snack has been eaten and teeth are brushed…3:00 am wake up call tonight! God bless our crazy friend Penny LaVick for volunteering to drive us to the airport in the wee hours.
Thoughts are swirling- said goodbye to the 3 here- extra long hugs tonight. It’s exciting and overwhelming.
Doreen and I still have some loose ends with paperwork on a tight deadline while there, we have a quicker than wished for layover in Miami on way back (need some extra time in immigration)… Prayers for details down there and families waiting here would be awesome! And for Davinsly and Stanley as they say goodbye to their classmates, teachers and caretakers tomorrow. For us to have the right words when we say thank you and goodbye to them, too.
Not sure what our WiFi situation will be like at our hotel- will try to update when possible. REALLY want to land at MSP on Wed evening as booked… Can’t wait to see God pull this one out… again. It’s time, friends! Can you even believe it?!


  1. Praying you there and back! Cannot wait to see your smiling faces at the airport on Wednesday!
    Safe travels friend!

  2. We believe it and trust God again that everything will come together and you all will be home wed eve.. Can’t you.

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  3. It is hard to believe that you are there with him and will soon be home. What a tremendously wonderful time for all.

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