Day: January 26, 2015

Hangin by the pool

Made it! Dukens brought the boys to the airport so that was a fun surprise! We didn’t have time to go to IBESR for our exit letter today so will try tomorrow morning.
Went to the orphanage to pack up the boys and say our goodbyes. It went as well as it could. They gave out hugs and kisses very freely and allowed a few photos even.
We are at our hotel (staying in the “apartment”…it really is like an apartment- 2 levels, 2 bedrooms, nice balcony). Vinny says he will kill any bugs that might appear tonight.
I have gotten my 100 kisses he promised me in October (all his own memory and doing).
They swam a bit (splashed around I a corner), ate poolside, played some video games and colored SpiderMan pages.
Hopefully after we get our exit papers we will just chill the rest of the day at the pool. One goal: no one drowns.
Highlight of the night was their FaceTime chat with their buddy Gefte…oh man, the laughter was hilarious! Also chatted with Cal and daddy Scott… Waiting for Will to get done with soccer. Will try to update tomorrow!