We live in Oakdale, MN.  Scott and I have been married 17 years and have 2 kids at home and one on the way!

Scott works in sales for Philips Respironics Home Health Care Divison (think C-PAPS, oxygen therapy products, nebulizers, etc). He has been with them for 7+ years. In his “free” time he helps run the Refugee Life Ministry at our church, is on the Board of Elders, referees college women’s Divisions 2&3 basketball, rides his bike for miles, co-leads a jr. high boys small group, and tries to play a few rounds of golf in the summer. He is one of the hardest working men that I know and has the heart of a true servant.  He is a godly man, husband and father. He’s super cute all the time and really funny when he wants to be (especially when he gets around his college buddies)!

Cali is 14 and in 9th grade.  She is our first born…and acts like one (in a good way- usually).  She is independent, organized, persistent, precocious, compassionate, confident, intelligent, athletic, and a second mom to her little brother.  She plays hockey much of the year, soccer in the fall and golf in the spring.  She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching t.v., tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, and is very active in the youth group at our church.


Will is 13 and in 7th grade.  He is funny, kind, sensitive, athletic, easy going, loyal, and a great friend.  He also has the best laugh around town.  Will plays soccer, golf and he snowboards in the winter.  In his free time he is often hanging out with friends playing knee hockey, basketball, or video games.  He loves to watch and play all kinds of sports. He has become quite the ping pong player, too.

Davensly is our boy in Haiti that we started the process of adopting in September 2012.  He is 8 years old and considerate, thoughtful, sweet, athletic and helpful.  This blog is intended for our friends and family to join us on this journey to bring Vinny home to his forever family.  I took my first trip to Haiti in June of 2013, 2nd in Feb. 2014 (with Scott), and 3rd will be June 2014 (with Cali and Will)…  The times I spent with him have been better than I ever could have imagined.

I am a sort of stay home mom. Just not home much. I spend a lot of time in my car driving the kids to/from their activities…and I love it! I’m happy I get to do what I do. B.K. (before kids), I was a high school social studies teacher and basketball coach (and softball, golf, and volleyball, too).  Now in b/w family responsibilities, I work at Indian Hills Golf Club.  I enjoy helping lead a Sr High girls small group at church and helping Scott with our refugee friends.  I’ve been known to go to movies by myself…I love it.  I recently joined the board of Kozefò which is a non-profit that supports the primary school in Port au Prince where Davensly attends (and lives for now).  I’m excited to be a part of this great organization!

As a family, we love to travel, play games, watch the Vikes, Wild and Twins depending on the season.  Our favorite family activity is spending time at the cabin in the summer. We have family here and in California that we wish we could see more often than we do. We love our family & friends…the ones we do life with, the ones we do camp with, the ones we hang out with at hockey, soccer & baseball games, the ones in our neighborhood, the ones we do church with, the ones we travel with, the ones we see movies and go out for dinner with, the ones we used to see a lot more than we do now… the ones who overlap into many categories above… we have the greatest people in our lives!  Did we pick you or did you pick us?!  God has woven us together and we are so thankful…for such a time as this.

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