…a little sign goes a long way


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve corresponded with anyone in the know regarding Davensly and the adoption journey.  We expected this would be the case over the holidays, and indeed, our expectations were met! Imagine that!  Sometimes, it is hard to just sit, wait, and do nothing…you know, like send emails or make phone calls just to “check in” and remind them that you are, indeed, still out there…waiting…for any news…or assurance that people are really working on your behalf even when you don’t hear from them for awhile…

So, yesterday, I was praying for Davensly and this whole process… I was asking the Lord if He wouldn’t mind maybe sending me a little tangible sign of encouragement or affirmation…doesn’t hurt to ask, right?!  Then, I asked him the same thing again this morning.  I didn’t have anything specific in mind that I was hoping for…just a small sign…didn’t have to be a big deal.  About an hour later, my phone buzzed with an email coming in.  It was from Rock- a director at the orphanage- here’s what he said (keep in mind I haven’t heard from him since the middle of October):

*Hi Ann, how are you? i hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy new year. Davensly is doing great we had a great Christmas and new years evening party.
i am attaching a cople of picture of Davensly for you.*

And, there was our sweet boy, in a pic taken this morning…wearing his big bro’s shirt we had sent down at Thanksgiving… Will wore this jersey in 2009 when he was 8 and just out of 2nd grade. God didn’t have to do this for me, but in His grace and perfect timing He did…and I am grateful and say, “Thanks! It was just what I needed!”

Remember this song?  “He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands…” this has been in my head tonight- and I keep making up new verses like in the good old days…you know, like, “He’s got Cali, Will and Vinny in His hands, He’s got Cali, Will and Vinny, in His hands…He’s got Davensly and Stanley in His hands, He’s got Davensly and Stanley in His hands…”etc.  this song brings me peace and comfort tonight… so sing it with me! and change the words to whatever you need right now…and be comforted.


  1. Ann,

    That is so cool! I’m so in awe of how our God attends to the needs of His children. He is so good!

    Great to see Davensly in Will’s shirt too! What a special added touch. God does indeed have the whole world in His hands, and I am glad! May He continue to give you peace in the journey.

    God bless,


  2. Tears. Oh did I need to hear your story & your song tonight! What beautiful boys!! I’m dealing with a lot of unknowns too & have been grasping for verses & songs all day. In. His. Hands.

    Sending a hug and much admiration for the courageous & faithful journey you are on!

  3. Awesome blog as always. Our Lord God is so faithful even in the little things that mean so much to us. When I was in the Mormon church, one of the hymns that was sung all the time was “Count your blessings name them one by one”. I have never seen that sung in another church. I sing it here at home all the time because it does help me to realize all of my blessings. Always look forward to another blog. With love to you all,

  4. Someday this waiting will be a distant memory, so hang in there. He knows exactly when you need those “signs” most. Fun to see Davensly in Will’s shirt!

  5. Just read this, God is amazing & so faithful to answer our prayers. That is awesome how He answered your prayer. How great to see Davensly in Will’s shirt. Gives us then a good way to see how big, or small he is. God is in this process & His timing will be perfect!! Love you all.

  6. Just read post and have chills. Thank you Lord for your goodness. I can hear Him saying,”Just keep walking…Just keep walking.” Praying for D’Vinny!

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