Haiti Adventure hiccup #1

We made it to Miami so smoothly that ya just knew it couldn’t last! We are delayed here for another hour. Will get to PAP about 2.5 hours late- hopefully no longer than that. When Breelynn relayed the message, the rest of us had quick first thoughts that are worth sharing: mine was, ‘I really don’t want to spend the night here.’ Doreen’s was, ‘I don’t want to die on the plane.’ Sara’s was, ‘I wonder if we will get some free vouchers.’ And Kyle’s was, ‘I’m still hungry. It is was it is.’
Pretty funny.

On the home front: I got a text from Scott saying-‘Will sent me a text that said- I’m going to move Moms car out of the garage.’


A short while later I heard he had got the keys stuck in the ignition and couldn’t move it. Not sure which is better.

We are now switching gates and getting a new plane. Hopefully in the air soon!


  1. Ha, Ha, Ha, Will! It will all work out I am sure. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you Ann (the family at home too) and the awesome time you will have meeting your little man. So excited for you and what God has in store for you on this incredible journey.

  2. Oh goodness…….I thought for sure Scott would write back to say, “Just joking.” I have been wondering if the kids know you are coming? May God bless this flight and fill you all with p-e-a-c-e.

  3. Go gettum Annie…you are on the path of your life….so know matter how it goes down, it’s the right path.

  4. Love that you shared everyone’s first thoughts about the delay. Hilarious. And Will’s escapade is great. Thinking about you all today and praying for you as you meet the boys!

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