Haiti Adventure #1


We are getting packed up, weighing suitcases, transferring cereal boxes- they get heavy quickly!- from one to another (for The Apparent Project) comparing snacks, shoving last minute items into corners, tying up loose ends at home and work, and making lists for our left behind loved ones 🙂  It’s a lot of work to get out of town!  photo4Our flexible itinerary (as mostly stolen from Doreen’s blog):

Tuesday, June 11th – Arrive in Port-au-Prince at 5:30p (4:30 CST) and go straight to the orphange to meet Vinny! Then, get settled into the World Wide Village Guest House who is graciously hosting us for the week.  We will have breakfast there everyday at 7:00am and dinner at 6:00pm.

Wednesday, June 12th – Back to the orphanage to see all the kids in school.  Play games. Neighborhood field trip with the boys.  Tour Port Au Prince.

Thursday, June 13th – Visit a school, medical clinic, fishing village and community garden in Williamson and  Luly.   The boys will be with us all day as we travel around visiting potential WCC mission trip sites.   In the afternoon, we will go to the Wahoo Bay beach resort.

Friday, June 14th –  Teacher training at school.  Meet our Haitian lawyer, Mr. Conand.  Heartline.  Apparent Project and local shopping.  Movie night with boys at orphanage – Avengers and popcorn!

Saturday, June 15th – ??  We’ll see what the day brings.

Sunday, June 16th – Return home. Leave PAP at 9:30 am, arrive MSP at 10:45pm.

One of our primary goals for this trip is to identify ministries/projects that a larger team from our church- Woodbury Community-could partner with next summer. We are focused on ministries whose primary goals are to empower Haitians to help Haitians.

These are the Ministries/Non-Profits that we are planning to connect with this week (click on any of them to learn more):


Haiti Partners

One more thing- if you are REALLY interested in what we are doing this week, keep an eye on the blogs of my awesome team members/friends.  We will be blogging in the evenings as long as the Wifi is working. Here are the links to those:

Breelynn: www.breeonamission.wordpress.com

Sara: www.sophiesara.wordpress.com

Doreen: www.4to5blog.wordpress.com

One more more thing (more is better, right? according to my favorite AT&T commercial), specific prayer requests of mine: that my family will function well and happily without me, an awesome connection b/w Davensly and me, good health for Sara, Doreen, Kyle, Breelynn and me, that I would fully engage in the Haitian culture, that we all would overcome the language barrier, that I would step further out of my comfort zone than I think that I am capable of, that we would all be flexible to go where we sense the Lord leading us (especially if it’s not on the itinerary), that we would get a clear vision for the mission trip for WCC, that saying goodbye to Vinny and Stanley will go well for us, and that we would just have a really fun time with each other, the kids at the orphanage, and with our new Haitian friends.  Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and your prayers!


  1. I am guessing you won’t see this before you leave tomorrow…….perhaps too busy moving cereal boxes. 🙂 I am so excited for you and will copy these prayer requests so I can focus on them. I am trying to cope with my anxiousness. I can’t wait to hear how your first meeting with Vinny goes, what he will call you and every detail of your trip. (oh and the food)
    Blessings with love,

  2. SO EXCITING!!! We are praying for you and are just LOVING what God is doing! Take lots of pics and keep us all posted as the adventure unfolds.

    1. Hi, Gilmores! Thanks for note, Chris. I bet you’re excited to see the WCC ladies soon! Keep the snakes away from them. Blessings!

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